Machete wielding son decapitated his mother before cutting off her arms

In a gruesome South American attack a man was arrested after he allegedly decapitated his own mother and chopped her arms off with a machete.

When Colombian police arrived at the property they found the mutilated body in a blood soaked bathroom and were told that the son, high on hallucinogenics, had begun digging a hole to bury the body.

The nightmarish scene happened in the housing development of Ciudad Equidad in the city of Santa Marta during the night of Sunday (May 2) and the early hours of Monday (May 3) morning.

It is understood that Rodire Jalin Hernandez Estrada, 25, entered his mother's home through a window after he was legally banned from the property after police attended twice at the end of April.

In one incident he was violent to his mother and in another he reportedly choked his nine-year-old nephew.

On the night Consuelo Maria Estrada Conrado, 55, was killed she was home with the nephew and the suspect's sister Eleudith Hernandez.

Local media said Hernandez Estrada tried to attack his sister who fled from him. Consuelo tried to stop her son but was decapitated while her daughter was able to escape with her son.

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Local sources said neighbours contacted the police after hearing loud noises coming from the house while Hernandez Estrada cut Consuelo's arms off and began digging a hole where he intended to bury the body.

When he was interrupted by the police Hernandez Estrada briefly managed to escape from the authorities but after news of the incident quickly spread around the neighbourhood, a mob formed hoping to lynch the suspect.

The 25-year-old was seen jumping on the top of roofs in the area trying to escape from the lynching mob before he was arrested by the authorities in the early hours of May 3.

A judge ordered Hernandez Estrada to be sent to prison while his case is studied considering him a "danger to society" but it is unclear when he is expected to stand trial.

Local sources said the suspect faces a maximum prison sentence in Colombia and is also expected to undergo a psychological evaluation.

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