Macron crisis: French president shamed over coronavirus response in humiliating poll

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In blow for the French President, 41 percent of respondents said they disapprove or strongly disapprove of his handling of the health crisis. Only 31 percent supported Mr Macron’s actions to suppress the pandemic, according to the study. And in France an overwhelming majority believe the worst is yet to come for the country’s economy as fears of a second wave spread across Europe.

The same concerns are also reflected across Germany, Italy and Spain.

Of French participants, 72 percent said “the worst is yet to come”, in Germany 64 percent expressed the same panic.

In Spain 75 percent and Italy 72 percent made the same admission, the Euronews survey, carried out by red field and Wilton Strategies, found.

A majority in all four countries believe this means a second national lockdown is either “likely” or “very likely” in the coming months.

The survey collected the views of 6,000 people – 1,500 from each participating country – between July 17-18.

Mr Macron faces a presidential election in April 2022, and is believed to have secured a boost in his hopes for re-election by securing a deal for the €750 billion European Union coronavirus bailout fund.

Throughout the pandemic, France has registered 30,093 deaths, including 15 on Monday.

Health minister Olivier Veran has dismissed claims the country was facing a second wave of the virus.

But he conceded hospitals have issued warnings over a rise in cases.

He said: “Clusters are emerging and we have had a few alerts from some hospitals where there has been a tendency towards an increase in the number of admissions.”

And Mr Veran urged people to wear facemasks outside “if there is a concentration of people”.

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The Euronews polling suggested was strong support for wearing mouth and nose covering in France, as well as the three other countries.

France’s daily infection rate, which was about 400 last month, was 725 on Monday after topping 1,000 last week.

Locals have blamed French holidaymakers gathering at seaside resorts.

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Most French families have decided to take their summer break at home this year, with some areas suggesting they have never seen so many people.

On domestic travel, 35 percent of respondents in France said they would holiday at home this summer, with only 12 percent favouring an overseas trip.

But 53 percent said they had “no plans to travel”, the study added.

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