Making Putin stronger! Expert claims Biden gives heart to Russia amid Ukraine invasion

Vladimir Putin describes the assassination attempts against him

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The Times’ diplomatic editor Roger Boyes penned a piece for the broadsheet which appeared to call out the 46th US President over his handling of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Mr Boyes, who has been covering events in Russia since 1976 when he worked as Reuters’ Moscow correspondent, alleged Mr Biden’s “escalation aversion” has given the Kremlin heart.

Boyes said: “The timidity of the West, the escalation aversion of Biden, gives Putin heart.

“He sees it as a sign of decline.

“The final decision to move on Ukraine was surely influenced by the muddled US exit from Kabul last August.

“Putin has seized a chance to exploit the squeamishness of America and in effect dictate the terms of the Eurasian order.

“The Kremlin leader underestimated the strength of the Ukrainian resistance, but his judgement on America’s lack of fight was spot on.”

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Mr Boyes then went on to offer Western leaders some advice on how to deal with Putin and his allies in the next decade.

He explained: “If the West wants to avoid another decade of ritualised humiliation at the hands of Putin and other nuclear-armed strongmen, it needs to snap out of its role as hand-wringing spectators.

“The responsibility to protect, a United Nations norm that established in 2005 the principle of humanitarian intervention in cases of atrocities and war crimes, is unhelpful as long as Russia and China have blocking powers as permanent members of the UN security council.”

Boyes later added: “Instead of carefully weighing each individual risk, we are frozen by the prospect of Putin’s mushroom cloud.”

Mr Biden has faced criticism from Republican opponents in America since the Kremlin launched its invasion against Ukraine.

Ex-POTUS Donald Trump has been leading the charge against his successor.

Speaking to Fox News earlier this week, he said: “If you remember when I was running in 2016, they all said Trump will get us into a war, right?

“It’s his personality he’s gonna get us in and actually now they say it was my personality that kept us out of a war.

“So I think it was you know, we had a great four years and shouldn’t have happened, what happened and but it did with the election and we have people running it.

“This what’s gone on with Ukraine should never have happened.”

He added: “Well, it’s very late, the cards are laid and the cards are out, and he’s got a bad hand.

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“He’s given himself a very bad hand.

“He had a very strong hand before it all started the strongest and it should have never started would have never ever started if I were President.

“I can tell you that with 100 percent certainty.

“This is horrible, this is a human tragedy, what’s going on.”

However, polling website RCP suggests the American public have also not rallied behind their Commander-in-Chief since Putin launched his invasion.

The most recent RCP average puts Mr Biden’s approval rating at -12.3 percent.

Mr Trump has also opened-up a 3.7 percent lead over Mr Biden in RCP’s general election spread, with the most recent survey from Emerson giving the 45th President a three-point advantage.

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