Man breaks into pub, strips naked and flees with two phones and computer

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This is a bizarre moment a man strips naked after breaking into a restaurant and helps himself a quick meal.

The suspect busted into a clothes shop at a shopping centre in the Federal District of Brazil on April 7.

Surveillance camera footage at the mall showed the man climbing through the ceiling of the store inside the women's changing room.

He then broke into the bar next door and started taking off his shirt.

CCTV camera inside the pub shows the man rummaging through the items on the table before he heads towards the fridge and grabs a quick snack.

At one point, he turns his back against the security camera and reveals his tattoo, showing "Melissa" across his back.

Later in the video, the man appears to have put his clothes back on as he walks to the drinks cabinet and chugs a bottle of alcohol.

He ended up fleeing with two mobile phones, a computer, a loading cart and $120 (£96).

Police on Tuesday (May 17) released the shocking video footage in hopes that the public will help identify him.

Elsewhere, a woman who jumped in a spider monkey enclosure to feed them Cheetos last year has recently defended herself saying she "didn't do anything wrong".

Lucy Rae was arrested in Texas after the incident at El Paso Zoo and is currently facing a pending criminal trespass case.

She told ABC7 in a recent interview: "I don’t think I did anything wrong. I didn’t do anything wrong. I did not hurt anyone."

Her wild act was hit with backlashes and her law firm boss fired her, claiming "no animal was ever abused".

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