Man builds mini cinema with promo posters and concession stand – for squirrels

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A bunch of wild squirrels have been given the life of luxury, thanks to one lover of the furry animals.

Jason Lenzi has created a mini cinema for wild squirrels in the area – complete with handmade promotional posters, a concession stand and a fully-working cinema screen.

And the American 30-year-old did it because he woke up one day and realised that squirrels would never be able to properly experience a cinema in real life.

Videos show Jason, who works in video production, build the entire theatre from scratch in two months at a cost of around £450 (around $560).

He used an old tablet playing its own squirrel movie as the screen and built a miniature concession stand and filled it with treats.

Jason added LED strip lights for ambiance, popcorn bowls filled with squirrel-friendly treats and finished it off with handmade movie promotional posters.

He also installed four cameras inside to monitor the activity of the squirrels and positioned the theatre in his large, forest back garden

Jason, from Detroit, Michigan said: "I love building and creating things.

"I thought this would be a perfect project to challenge myself and my building skills, as well as do something fun with my time.

"Also, I REALLY wanted to know what squirrels would all do with their own mini movie theater! Honestly they loved it!

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"They got to experience what a movie theatre is like and I'm glad I could be the one to show them.

"They got to munch delicious treats and snacks while watching the wonderful 'Revenge Of The Squirrels' movie I made for them. The whole thing was a blast to make."

While the cinema looks big enough to fit several squirrels, it might not hold the Super-sized squirrels that have been dubbed "squirrelzilla' which have left homeowners stunned after taking over their gardens in America in recent months.

The chunky, big-boned animals have been hunting for meals in gardens – with one owner claiming that a squirrel knocks on her door to demand food.

Reports of the monstrous gray squirrels seem to have increased in the US state of Maine with homeowners claiming they seem to be bigger than in the past.

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