Man claims ‘cockroach’ was in plane meal but airline says its sautéed ginger

A bloke who found what looks like a huge cockroach in his airline meal has been told that it was actually just “sautéed ginger”.

The grim discovery was made on a Mumbai to Bangkok flight with Air Vistara by Nikul Solanki.

Having snapped an image of the beast – which appears to have legs – he tweeted the photo with the caption: “Small cockroach in Air Vistara meal”.

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The airline replied, to claim that that all food is made “keeping the highest standards of quality in mind” and told him to pass on the details of the flight and meal.

The airline got back in touch with him again to claim that they had sent the meal for testing, and despite the thing in his meal looking a lot like a cockroach – with clearly visible legs – they were adamant that it was nothing more than a simple piece of sautéed ginger.

A spokesman told him: “We'd like to clear the air regarding the meal that was served to you on your flight with us dated 31st Aug from Mumbai to Bangkok.

“The sample was sent to the laboratory and thoroughly tested. Based on the reports, we can confirm that no foreign object/insect was found in the particular meal sample.

“The object in question was evaluated under a microscope and was found to be a piece of sautéed ginger.

“We at Vistara leave no stone unturned in ensuring that the highest standards of safety and services are upheld.”

However, like most people would be, Mr Solanki did not believe the airline and requested that the laboratory report be sent to him – he is still waiting for it.

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Images of the bug went viral on Twitter with some making jokes of the situation as others made further claims as to the mystery item in the meal.

One user wrote: “On your breakfast menu today Vistara will be serving soft, light, fluffy steamed idli dipped in slow cooked lentil sambhar paired with simmered dry roasted semolina with a dash of protein.”

And another posted: “That is a curry leave, oh my god how people are even believing this.”

The Daily Star has reached out to Air Vistara for a comment.

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