Man gets penis stuck in tube after checking to see if enlargement worked

A man in Thailand has had to go to hospital after sticking his penis in a tube, where it got stuck.

The man in his 20s had paid for penis enlargement injections and wanted to test whether they had worked.

It turned out they had and he was forced to call an ambulance to help come and free him on October 13.

But when the medics arrived at his apartment in Bangkok, they said they couldn’t cut the pipe and had to take him to hospital.

Volunteer firemen used pliers, a circular cutter and a tube of lubricant gel to begin freeing the poor bloke’s manhood.

The rescuers had to insert a protective sheet in between the pipe and the penis to keep the pliers from cutting into the man’s flesh.

It took them more than 20 minutes as the shaft was so tightly stuck inside the narrow tube and it swelled every time it was touched.

The man is said to have told medics that he "wouldn’t have had this problem" if he hadn’t had the enlargement injections into his glands.

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He said: "I’m annoyed because I spent a lot of money on that, and now I’ll have to pay for the medical bills as well."

The man was left at the hospital for further medical treatment, with it still unclear whether his penis will be able to function as normal following the procedure.

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