Man loses £14k engagement ring after it flew out of hand in beach proposal shoot

A couple said their mock proposal shoot was a "disaster" after their £14k engagement ring flew out of the man's hand on the beach.

Kirsten Durand, 31, and Tory Parker, 30, said they began "freaking out" when the ring fell from the box during their engagement shoot.

The flustered couple spent the next two and a half hours combing their hands through the sand after the jewellery disappeared from view.

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Kirsten, who runs a party business, from Vancouver, Canada, said: “We were taking our photos and doing a mock proposal and after Troy said will you marry him I leapt into his arms and we fell to the sand.

“We didn’t realise until our photographer asked for a close-up of the ring that it was missing.

“We were freaking out.

“The ring has always been the most important part to me and I’d become so attached to it.

“It was freezing and getting dark so we were shining our torch lights and combing every part of the beach."

Troy, an owner of a martial arts studio, said: “We were freaking out because we didn’t know when the tide was coming in.

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“We didn’t want it to get washed away.”

In a last-ditch attempt before it got dark, they combed their hands and used a metal detector before the tide came in.

Finally, their photographer, Yakira Parise, was able to dig out the ring and reunite it with Kirsten.

Troy proposed in April 2022 during Kirsten’s Bridgerton-themed birthday party, but the couple decided they wanted some ‘save the date’ photos taken.

They had arranged a shoot in October 2022 and took some mock-style photos of the proposal.

“It ended up being a disaster,” Kirsten said.

“The ring has always been more important to me than the wedding or the dress. I wanted one I could pass down to my kids. So it was devastating when we thought we had lost it.”

The couple searched from 5.30pm until the ring was finally discovered at 8pm.

“There were so many times I felt like giving up,” Kirsten said.

“Amazingly our photographer just pulled it out of the sand and said ‘I found it.’ She handed it to me and my hands were frozen but I was so happy. I never want to take it off again.”


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