Man who broke his leg jumping off a moving plane blames it all on crystal meth

A man who broke his leg whilst jumping out of a moving plane as it left LAX airport has blamed it all on taking lots of crystal meth.

Luis Antonio Victoria Dominguez now faces up to 20 years in prison on a charge of interfering with the flight crew, The Washington Post reports.

The 33-year-old from La Paz admitted he had been smoking meth in a Los Angeles hotel for days before the crazy stunt.

While on the aircraft, Dominguez couldn’t handle the intense drug comedown and said he could hear all the voices of other passengers on the plane.

It sent him into a frenzied panic and he unbuckled his seat belt before going to the front of the plane and banging on the cockpit.

When he didn’t get in, he pushed past the flight attendant and ran for the emergency door.

Dominguez “was familiar with how to open those doors because in the past he had sat in the emergency exit row and moved the handles up and down,” reports say.

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Despite a passenger grabbing Dominguez’s collar in an attempt to keep him in the rolling plane, he opened the door and jumped out before he was arrested by Los Angeles Airport Police as he tried to crawl away.

In court documents seen by The Post, Dominguez started his crystal meth binge on a Tuesday – three days before the eventful aborted flight.

He arrived at LAX that day from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and wanted to get to Salt Lake City but had no connecting flight.

So instead, he spent $20 on meth and drank a few beers whilst spending the night in a hotel before the incident.

The weird event isn’t the only odd behaviour seen at the airport this month.

Just a day before Dominguez’s antics, a man was accused of ignoring an airport fence to drive onto the runway in a silver hatchback with “SOS” written on the hood.

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