Man wins millions in lawsuit claiming it was bars fault he was drunk

A Texan man was awarded $5.5 million after claiming a restaurant was negligent by serving him too much alcohol.

Daniel Rawls left the restaurant in a drunken state and ended up fighting with another man in the car park resulting in an injury.

The altercation took place in May 2019 with another customer, Robert Henrickson, where Rawls alleges he sustained a head injury during the argument, reports Houston Chronicle.

The two men had both been drinking at La Fogata Mexican Grill in Andrews when Rawls fell over on “an uneven parking lot" and sustained a “serious and debilitating” head injury after he was assaulted.

The lawsuit states that the restaurant, its owner Lourdes Galindo and an unnamed bartender are responsible for the injury as they allowed the two men to drink too much and leave the restaurant at the same time.

The law suit claimed that the bartender had not been adequately trained by Galindo to gage when customers had been served too much alcohol.

Rawls also alleges that the restaurant owner failed to ensure the parking lot didn’t contain any hazards that could pose a danger to drunk customers.

The Andrews County 109th District Court ruled in Rawls’ favour in a default judgement, because the owner of La Fogata did not respond or attend the hearing.

The five claims included premises liability, negligence and damages arising from foreseeable criminal conduct.

The court did not rule on whether Rawls’ claims were true. La Fogata will have 30 days to appeal if it wants a retrial.

Rawls allegedly has a history of drinking too much and has been arrested twice for being drunk in public.

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