Manhunt after massage parlour shooting – but it’s not linked to Atlanta tragedy

A man has been left with gunshot wounds after an attack on a massage parlour in Seattle.

However, police have ruled out any link to the gun rampage at three Asian-owned massage parlours in Atlanta which left eight people dead, and a ninth in hospital.

This latest incident appears to have been an attempted robbery. No suspects have as yet been arrested.

The victim, an Asian-American man who worked at the massage parlour, has been rushed to hospital just after 9pm local time, but his injuries are not thought to be life-threatening.

While six of the eight victims of Tuesday's shootings in Atlanta were Asian-American, the suspect in that case, 21-year-old Robert Long, denies any racial dimension to the attack.

A witness to the shootings has claimed that they heard the killer shout “I’m going to kill all the Asians”.

But Long has told police that his assault on the spas was a result of his sex addiction, which he says comes into conflict with his deep Christian faith, it is alleged.

He described the establishments as as "a temptation that he wanted to eliminate.”

Atlanta Police Chief Rodney Bryant said it was too early to say for certain whether the shootings were a hate crime.

"We are just not there as of yet," he told a news conference.

Local police Captain Jay Baker’s remark during a press conference immediately after the shootings, where he said the killer had been having a “bad day,” have drawn widespread condemnation.

Cherokee County Sheriff Frank Reynolds has apologised for his colleague’s words, saying they were “not intended to disrespect any of the victims, the gravity of this tragedy, or express empathy or sympathy for the suspect.”

Attacks on Asian Americans have increased sharply since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

More than one commentator has blamed former President Donald Trumps fondness for describing Covid-9 as “The China Virus” in his numerous rallies for stoking prejudice against people of Asian descent.

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