Maps show exactly where snow is likely to fall this week in -2C Arctic chill

Millions of Brits are preparing for plenty of the white stuff this weekend as the mercury looks set to take a dive down to -2C.

As we get perilously close to the imminent deluge of snow, advanced weather maps from WXCharts can now reveal exactly when and where it will fall – and how much we will get.

Millions of Britons are at risk of seeing flurries fall this weekend, and areas in Northern England or Scotland are not just the only places set to see snow.

Although, it appears some forecasters are at 'war' over when and who may see the wintry weather, with the BBC and Met Office previously having opposite predictions.

The Daily Star has taken a look at the latest snow maps to find out who may be lucky in the coming days.

Thursday, November 25

Today should be light on the snow front compared to the days to come.

As per usual, the Scottish Highlands and areas around Inverness will be the first in the UK to see wintry flurries if all goes well.

There, a centimetre or two will form on the ground as the weather system bringing snow and fierce winds build up ahead of a jet steam.

Flurries are also expected in higher parts of the Lake District, but the snow isn't going to settle on the ground there just yet.

Temperatures will also take a tumble today. Lows of 3C to 4C are expected in London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Manchester and Edinburgh. Rural areas, particularly further north, may get as low as 1C today.

Friday, November 26

Friday will be a grizzly day for most, regardless of the snow. From the early hours to around midday almost all of us will experience heavy rain and fierce winds.

The snow front in Scotland will grow, with more expected across most of the country including Inverness, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow by the afternoon.

That said, the snow should still be struggling to settle at this point, with only one or two centimetres forecast for those regions.

Come the late evening, the snow will have ventured into England, spanning across Newcastle, the Lake District, Manchester and down to Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

Mostly, it will just be a centimetre or two settling, but those in the North East can expect at least two inches to fall as Friday turns into Saturday.

Saturday, November 27

Saturday will be the first day of widespread flurries.

Central and eastern parts of England, from Newcastle right down to Kent, should all see some action.

Kent, Cambridge, Peterborough, the Midlands and Yorkshire are expecting one or two centimetres, and again further north there will be more.

The North East and the Lake District can expect two or more inches, and in the Scottish Highlands there will be a whopping four-inch dumping.

Central Wales should also get a centimetre and there will be flurries in Northern Ireland where snow isn't expected to settle.

Temperatures in cities will drop to around 1C to 2C, and rural areas are in for an Arctic chill of -2C.

Are you looking forward to the snow? Let us know in the comments below!

Sunday, November 28

Sunday should offer a slight reprieve for many as temperatures in general take a slight upturn.

The most afflicted region will be Northern Ireland, with snow falling across the entire country. One centimetre should settle there.

There will be flurries in some parts of England, staggeringly in Southampton where one centimetre is forecast.

Birmingham, Manchester and Wales should see the same, and snow on the ground will persist in the North East.

Temperatures will peak in East Anglia at around 7C – one of the few regions expected to miss out on the snow this weekend. Cities will hover around 5C, with those in the north and rural areas being slightly more chilly.

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