Meet the celeb barber who England fans ‘should thank’ for flying Euro start

The barber behind some of England's star footballers says fans have him for standout performances.

Sheldon Edwards, 36, also known as HD Cutz, believes his role is vital in giving the likes of Raheem Sterling and Phil Foden an extra percentage of confidence.

The jet-setting barber who Jadon Sancho flies to Germany every ten days with his kit of clippers, welcomed the Daily Star to his barbershop in Clapham, London.

In addition to England's professionals at Wembley, Sheldon's handiwork can be seen across Euro 2020, on France ace Paul Pogba and Germany's Antonio Rüdiger.

Sheldon whose remarkable story began as a ten-year-old in Jamaica, said: "Haircuts have got a lot to do with their performance I think because when somebody looks good, the play good and feel good, it brings out a lot of them, you know what I mean?

"England fans better have a lot to thank me for.

"It’s a very proud moment I have to say, Raheem Sterling, Phil Foden, Jude Bellingham, Jason Sancho."

Obviously one haircut before the tournament – even as extreme as Phil Foden's so-called Gazza trim – is not enough to last through to the knock out stages, so a visit to the England camp has been planned already.

"Of course I’m going to be catching up with them, keeping their hair cuts fresh," Sheldon added.

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Far from seeing his millionaire clients and merely customers, Sheldon says he has cemented deep bonds with many of them and few more so than England's goal-scorer against Croatia, Sterling.

He said: "It meant the world seeing Raheem score, seeing him as my brother.

"Obviously what he’s gone through at the end of the season, things didn’t go too great for him so it was good to see him back on the score sheet, doing what he loves, that’s what he likes to do, getting minutes.

"Raheem is my friend, most of the players are to be honest. After a while of cutting it’s not really like customers anymore. We end up at family functions, events, everything like holidays together all that kind of stuff.

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"And you know because the age gap is not crazily different you know, the style is not that different so it’s easy for me to kind of get along in terms of fashion and what we like so we become more like family with the players you know."

Sheldon who opened HD Cutz in 2005 after moving to London as a 15-year-old, has come along way to cut footballers' hair and have an Instagram following of more than half a million.

The barber who has now teamed up with Panasonic Grooming and Pro:Direct, started his career as a ten-year-old 'watchman' at his late granddad's salons in Jamaica.

Tasked with keeping an eye on operations over the weekend, young Sheldon was bored and unable to resist the lure of picking up a pair of clippers himself.

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He said: "I must say, barbers weren’t happy with me being in the salon because my responsibility in the shop was like a watchman.

"They didn’t like me watching over them so nobody was prepared to teach me anything and I had to learn for myself.

"I learnt by watching them because nobody was going to come to the corner and say this is how you hold the clippers, they were just like ‘there’s the guy watching them’."

Growing in confidence the future HD Cutz began practicing on pals at school.

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He continued: "I was given a pair of clippers by my dad and I went into school and started giving a trim to my school friends in the back of the auditorium, at the football pitch, during break time, we’d just find a bit of space and start cutting.

"I started loving it because everyone at school would say ‘wow’.

"Yes I had my business head on, I could be getting lunch for a haircut, I could be getting just a drink, just small, small rewards which was good. I had my business head on and felt like a small entrepreneur."

Sheldon moved to live with his aunt after his mum migrated to London for work and his dad to the US, and it was on her veranda where he had queues of customers over the weekend.

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In classes two years his senior due to an impressive academic record, the ambitious barber left Jamaica to join his mum and got straight to work at a local barbershop.

Fast forward a few years and he says ex-Fulham and Spurs midfielder Mousa Dembélé catapulted him into the world of top flight football.

"Our relationship grew from 0 to 100 real quick.

"Euro 2016 was the beginning of something great for me because that was when Moussa Dembélé took me to the Belgium national team and I did Nainggolan.

"Things started going crazy from then. I went to Italy every week for like four/five years, every Friday and that’s where I met Antonio Rüdiger.

"I’ll always say Rudiger is like a brother to me because we shared so much special moments in Rome and now in Chelsea together, I went to his wedding so you see what I’m trying to say?"

HD Cutz has partnered with Panasonic Grooming and Pro:Direct to equip fans with the tools and information to play with style both on and off the pitch. For more information and content visit @PanasonicGroomingUK on Instagram.

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