Meghan and Harry think theyre superheroes looking to save planet, says expert

Just days after the new King released a photo portrait of himself alongside his Queen Consort Camilla and the new Prince and Princess of Wales, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have had their own new photos shared in which they look like “superheroes” according to one body language expert.

Judi James says that the two images of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, which were taken on September 5 at the One Young World Summit in Manchester by photographer Misan Harriman, make the pair look like they’re “set to save the planet”.

Two images have been released by the Sussexes, one in colour, where the prince wears a cheeky smile, and a second moody black and white one in which the couple seem to be gazing at "a distant, future horizon".

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The pictures were released to mark The One Young World summit – an event which aims to encourage young people to build a more sustainable future.

Judi told The Sun :"The body language in these official shots pins up the words ‘important couple’ in a way that is almost presidential or even, in the black and white shot, more like dutiful superheroes”.

She added that Meghan seemed to be the principal focus in the pictures, which given her key role in the One World Summit seems appropriate.

While in the colour photo Harry stands supportively behind his wife, with a playful expression on his face, in the black and white shot Harry’s face is “especially serious,” says Judi.

She adds: “They look set to save the planet here”.

The potentially "arrogant" pose means they "want to be taken seriously as a power couple," according to body language expert Arianne Carter.

"Harry's head is slightly lowered and he’s looking up under slightly lowered brows, this is a reminiscent pose used often by his mother and is a submissive head dip and eyes raised, it makes him look friendly and warm," she added.

"His body is slightly turned towards Meghan, he’s allowing her to take the full attention."

"Both look solemn but there’s slightly more warmth to Meghan’s facial expression in this photo. They look like they’re standing to attention and want to be taken seriously as a power couple," she exclusively told the Daily Star.

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