Meghan Markle copying Queens trick to look royal next to Harry says expert

Meghan Markle is copying an old trick which was used by the Queen so she can look royal when next to Prince Harry, an expert has claimed.

The remark comes after the couple's photographer friend released a new portrait whilst they were having a "joyous moment."

The pair were pictured at the One Young World Summit in Manchester, which aims to bring together young world leaders to push for social change.

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Their friend Misan Harriman captured a beautiful moment between the husband and wife backstage in September.

She shared the unseen photo and captioned it: "A joyous moment between the Duke and Duchess."

But body language expert Judi James said something stood out with Meghan's non-verbal communication style, reports Express.

In one picture, the couple can be seen laughing, with Prince Harry holding his wife's hand.

The other photo shows Meghan looking straight at the camera wearing a red ensemble and a pair of gold hoop earrings.

Judi James explained: "It was Meghan who was the star at this Young World conference and it shows from both her body language and her styling here.

"Harry is posed as adoring second-fiddle, clinging to her index finger like a small child and muttering to her to make her laugh and, apparently get her attention."

Judi said Meghan’s colour block red outfit "shouts of confidence, power and a desire for attention".

The expert revealed the choice was intentional as "the solid, strong colour choice is a trick the late Queen made a ‘royal’ look".

Meghan had the intention "of standing out at the event" by hollowing this royal-style hack, Judi explained.

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The expert continued: "Meghan’s symmetry also suggests confidence, with her middle-parted hair and the way her facial expression looks totally symmetric here."

"Meghan’s status and power at this event shows in the way she poses straight on to the camera with no need to stand anything but upright and almost to attention, with her arms straight down at her sides."

Meghan adopted "a leadership pose and she partly retains it when she poses with Harry," Judi said.

"She is at the front of that pose with her body facing and addressing the camera."

Harry, on the other hand, "stands behind her signalling his total focus is on her alone, turning his body towards her and gazing at her intimately".

"In the pose with Harry she has part-turned her head to smile at his words, suggesting loving but partial attention," Judi explained.

"In the solo pose Meghan’s eyes look raised to look just above the camera, giving a feel of destiny and inspiration."

Fans loved the photographs with social media user @jonez4567 saying: "Love Harry’s gaze at his wife!"

Social media user @odyssey_66 said: "They look amazing" and @vq3110 agreed saying: "Their love radiates!"


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