Meghan Markle slams Austin Powers and Kill Bill for oversexualising women

Meghan Markle has hit out at the stereotypes often used to limit Asian women on the latest episode of her Spotify podcast.

The Duchess of Sussex had postponed the release of her Archetypes series after hearing news of the Queen’s death while visiting the UK for charity events, but yesterday (October 4) the series resumed.

In an episode titled The Demystification of Dragon Lady, Meghan spoke to comedian Margaret Cho and journalist Lisa Ling about the discrimination they had faced as a result of their Asian heritage.

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And, after opening up about her childhood interactions with Asian culture – when she visited Korean spas with her mum – Meghan took aim at some of the media representations that she claimed had created harmful stereotypes.

“Movies like Austin Powers and Kill Bill, they presented these caricatures of women of Asian descent as, oftentimes, oversexualised or aggressive,” she suggested.

“It’s not just those two examples, there’s so many more.”

The ex-Suits star referred specifically to Austin Powers movie Goldmember, which featured two Japanese women called Fook Me and Fook Yu.

Meanwhile, Quentin Tarantino’s award-winning Kill Bill came in the line of fire for featuring actress Lucy Liu as the film’s villain, a bloodthirsty Yakuza leader named O-Ren Ishii.

The Duchess’ podcast Archetypes aims broadly to also tackle the labels applied generally to women, and during the new episode Meghan’s guest Margaret addressed her own experiences of feeling typecast because of her status as a woman, when she was asked by the former royal if she had ever faced discrimination.

“All the time, any time I assert myself it’s like I’ve got an attitude,” she said. “It’s almost as if people sort of assume when women are asking for what they need, they’re somehow a drain.”

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During the episode, Meghan made no mention of the Queen’s sudden death, and did not touch on details of her former royal life.

In a previous release, the 41 year-old spoke to Serena Williams, where she opened up about a frightening event where her son Archie was almost caught in a fire during a royal tour.


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