Meghan Markle wears good vibes bracelet designed to ward off unwanted energy

The Duchess of Sussex has made an appearance at a virtual summit wearing a diamond-studded trinket that claims to “ward off undesired energy” and “attract good vibes only”.

Meghan Markle was at the New York Times’s DealBook conference, dressed in an all-black outfit and wearing the Mateo Eye of Protection bracelet, which costs about £1,300, reports the New York Post's Page Six.

It’s made from 14-carat gold and hand-painted enamel. Other Mateo fans include Michelle Obama and Rihanna.

Meghan has previously been seen wearing other jewellery that claims to negate bad energy, including an Edge of Ember pendant and an Alemdara Hamsa necklace similarly adorned with evil eyes.

At the event in New York on Tuesday, the duchess was also wearing a poppy – a respectful gesture towards her husband, Prince Harry – ahead of Remembrance Day in the UK, which falls today.

At the DealBook summit, Meghan talked about the dark side of social media, saying that Instagram should have a dislike button so users don’t resort to leaving “vitriolic” comments.

She said: “If you disagree with something you have to comment on it in a really vitriolic way.

“If there was a ‘dislike’ button, wouldn't that hugely shift what you were putting out there? Because you could just 'like' it or just 'dislike' it."

She added that the current system, which she said encouraged negative comments, "is just adding to this really unfortunate cycle that I think is having an unfortunate effect on women across the world".

She also turned her fire on the tabloid press, and said they should “come with a warning label like cigarettes do, like ‘This is toxic for your mental health’.”

Harry and Meghan have had a rollercoaster ride with the press, and she is currently embroiled in a Court of Appeal case against Associated Newspapers, which is appealing a judgment on a privacy case that Meghan won earlier this year.

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