Meghan Markles Spotify bosses looking for more involvement from Prince Harry

Meghan Markle’s Spotify team are looking for more involvement from Prince Harry in her future Archetypes episodes, a royal commentator has claimed.

The Duchess of Sussex released her fourth podcast episode last week after postponing the series following Queen Elizabeth II’s death.

The podcast has largely been well-received by fans, and shot to the top of the global charts after Meghan made a number of royal revelations in the first two episodes.

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However, with Meghan’s husband Harry only making one brief appearance so far – when he stopped by to say hello to tennis legend Serena Williams – royal commentator Neil Sean has claimed producers might be expecting more royal truthbombs from future episodes.

“Now, according to a very good source, it appears that Spotify and the production team would like to see more of their money,” he suggested, speaking on his YouTube channel.

“And when I say money, what I really mean is we want to see Prince Harry. They’re looking now for more involvement from Prince Harry as they believe he really is the money person.

“He is the one that can get headlines, because if he has a thought or says something, perhaps something rather controversial, it will get headlines and they hope that more people will tune into Spotify.

“It’s all about ratings, clicks, eyeballs, all of that sort of stuff, and if you don’t deliver, when contract negotiations come around next time, perhaps without Harry, she could find that people aren’t wild about Meghan.”

As well as making a deal with Spotify for an audio series, the Sussexes also signed up to agreements with Netflix, and a documentary following the pair’s private lives is reportedly in the works.

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However, after signs of a royal reconciliation after the Queen’s death, Harry and Meghan have reportedly been “at odds” with their bosses as they request edits to the documentary to avoid a falling-out with the royals.

This has led to fears that the project could be shelved, after Meghan’s animated film Pearl was scrapped by Netflix amid funding cuts at the streaming giant.


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