Meghans headline bait podcast shows Sussexes need to deliver with Spotify

Meghan Markle's podcast, Archetypes, has come under fire for what one expert has describe as "headline bait", a move made to "deliver" on their Spotify deal.

Speaking on her latest podcast episode about a "difficult" label alongside Starbucks Chairwoman Melody Hobson, expert Daniela Elser accused the Duchess of Sussex of bringing up the past.

Meghan and Hobson sat down to talk about the "B-Word" in an episode titled "To B or Not To B?", with a reference to Shakespeare enough to see allegations of Palace days inferences.

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Elser claimed that the "headline-bait" and "inferences about her Palace days" were a sign that the Sussexes "need to deliver" on their Spotify deal.

Writing in, Elser blasted the royal for her need to be "generating publicity" with the podcast and its titles, asking whether Meghan's "propensity to make allusions or comments about former life" has anything to do with a wider public reach.

Elser continued: "On one purely pragmatic level, the latter would make sense. Meghan has proven herself to be a successful businessperson (she was and is the only self-made millionaire to have joined the Royal Family).

"Given that she and Harry signed a reported $38 million deal with Spotify back in 2020 they need to deliver and some headline-bait strewn about the place, either on purpose or not, must surely only help."

It is a move, Elser believes, that could be "very difficult" for the royal pair.

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That "very difficult" moment for the Sussexes could be through the content of the podcast episodes themselves, Elser alleged.

She added: "Why do so many of her podcast episodes which are meant to be all about her bright future peppered with references to her palace past?

"Why, for someone so happy to see the back of the footmen so she could 'find freedom', is she so unwilling to stop talking about her experiences inside the Windsors' midst?".

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