Meghan’s mask ‘slips’ in ‘hostile’ interview before meeting Harry, expert claims

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A body language expert claims to have noticed Meghan Markle exhibiting “hostile” behaviour during a media interview in her time as an actress.

Before she met Prince Harry and briefly became a working member of the Royal Family, Meghan starred as Rachel Zane in US legal drama Suits.

Now, looking back at an interview the now-Duchess of Sussex featured in during a mid-season premiere for the TV series, body language expert Jesus Enrique Rosas claims to have spotted a series of unusual gestures made by Meghan.

In a YouTube video entitled 'Watch Meghan Markle's mask slip in a split second', ‘The Body Language Guy’ observed that the former actress’s body language exhibited a number of emotions in a short period of time.

Jesus, who has written several books on body language and also has more than 200,000 followers on YouTube, singled out a moment where Meghan appeared to have clenched her jaw.

This came at the beginning of the interview, when host Ruben Jay appeared to fumble with his notes and confuse his question cards briefly while introducing his guest.

Focusing on Meghan's response to this delay, Jesus referred to this moment as a “compound facial expression”, meaning the body language gesture has a mix of various signals.

“When an analyst spots a compound expression, you have to judge, what is the correct word to define what you are seeing?” Jesus explained.

“This is because compound expressions can have any kind of facial combination. In this case, my personal take on it is that I see hostility.”

“You have to look at all of them like a system, and it’s much easier if you reduce expressions to their easiest meanings.

“One, she has a hard time showing genuine smiles. Two, she has a hard time hiding her tension… And three, she looks like she wants to have control of the narrative because she seems too affected by the man talking.”

Despite Jesus’s supposed findings, the man who interviewed Meghan, Ruben Jay, has denied that she was hostile during their meeting.

In the video’s description, he says she was a “lovely interview and guest”, and not “rude”, “mean” or “disrespectful”.

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