Melania Trump savaged for controversial Italian coronavirus tweet – ‘sick!’

Like the rest of the world, The US is grappling with the coronavirus pandemic with thousands of lives lost and the peak amount of deaths yet to come. However, they are by far the worst hit with the total number of cases climbing to 434,114 and a death toll of 14,762. Despite the worrying figures, US president Donald Trump is still keep to get the economy up and running again which experts have been warned could be in as little as four weeks time.

Italy was also one of the worst hit countries, but the US has since overtaken it with almost four times the amount of cases.

Now, First Lady Melania Trump has expressed her condolences to Italy.

This comes after she spoke to Italy’s own First Lady Laura Mattarella.

However, this has upset a lot of Americans, as many feel the First Lady of the US is yet to reach out to her own country properly during the crisis.

Melania tweeted: “Spoke today w/ Mrs. Laura Mattarella of Italy.

“I extended my deepest condolences for the Italians who have lost their lives to #COVID19.

“Hopeful that positive trend will continue in Italy & other parts of world soon.”

Floods of disapproving comments soon poured in.

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“Unless you meant to congratulate Italians on the positive trend of them losing their lives to Covid-19, you really need to get someone to proofread your tweets.” said one user

“And yet you haven’t yet expressed condolences for Americans who have died…sick!” said a second.

A third added: “Our country has WAY passed Italy on this curve, darling, thanks to the ignorance and inaction of your “husband”

Another angry user said: “So what?

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“Have you done anything for Americans who are dying?

“Have you done anything for the healthcare workers who are sleeping in their cars so that they don’t infect their families?”

More comments flooded in, also calling upon the First Lady for more action.

One said: “Hurray! you did something.

“When are you going to start making masks for Americans or doing some volunteer work?”

The news comes as President Trump has decided to turn his attention to mining the moon during this difficult time for the nation.

According to documents released by the White House, Donald Trump paused his efforts around the growing coronavirus crisis to sign an executive order.

This order will leave the US free to mine the moon for resources.

The document says the order rejects the 1979 global agreement known as the Moon Treaty .

This treaty says any activity in space should conform with international law.

The order states: “Americans should have the right to engage in commercial exploration, recovery, and use of resources in outer space.

“Outer space is a legally and physically unique domain of human activity, and the United States does not view it as a global commons.”

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