Mercury to ‘struggle getting to double figures’ in latest UK forecast

Weather: John Hammond says snow to come soon in November

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Britons should prepare for the beginning of cold winter weather as temperatures start to drop next week. Weather forecaster John Hammond told LBC that the dramatic fall in temperatures will be a “shock to the system” for many people. He warned that temperatures, which are currently reaching towards 20C, will “struggle to get into double figures” this time next week.

This comes on the back of an “unusually warm” October across the UK as well as most of Europe.

The moderately warm October weather has meant millions anxious about the jump in energy prices may not have had to turn on their heating just yet.

The warm temperatures will continue into this weekend, with figures expected to reach 20C in parts of Britain, Germany and France.

The south of England is predicted to reach 22C, which means it could be hotter than Athens which is only expected to peak at 20C over the weekend.

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Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern explained the October warmth: “What we’ve got during the next few days is the jet stream coming out of North America, and then strengthening on the other side of the Atlantic because of this temperature contrast between the north of the jet stream and south of the jet stream.

“Then, the jet stream dips close to the Azores before pushing north again during Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and the weekend as the warm air pushed north across Europe.”

However, Mr Hammond said this will come to a grinding halt next week.

He told LBC’s Nick Ferrari: “It will be a shock to the system given it has been so warm for so long.

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“Not just in recent days, but over the past year, we have had sustained warmth each month.

“A return to November as we used to know it will be a bit of a shock.”

“As for snowfall, there is nothing on the charts that looks particularly severe or extreme in terms of cold.

“But typical November weather, which we are set to see over the next ten days, will mean you have to put on that central heating, or if not put on plenty of jumpers.”


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Mr Hammond ran through the forecast over the next week for listeners: “Today and through the weekend temperatures are nudging towards 20C, not a record-breaker but very warm for this time of year.

“Fast-forward a week or so and some places will be struggling to get into double figures.

“It’s going to be colder, the clocks will have gone back and we will have that sense of looming wintry weather.”

He also said that the first snow will appear over the Scottish mountains next week.


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