Met Office issue yellow weather warning for rain and fog

BBC Weather: Gusty winds and outbreaks of showers

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Carol Kirkwood forecasted windier conditions over the next few days. Ms Kirkwood also predicted foggier conditions and some frost in Scotland. Temperatures will range from 9 to 12 degrees across the country. The Met Office has issued three yellow weather warnings for heavy rain and fog, in parts of the North and Scotland.

Ms Kirkwood said: “It is going to be wet and windy for the next few days.

“For first thing this morning, if you’re in Northern Ireland and you’re travelling there is some dense fog around.

“And as well as that there is some frost, so we’ve got some freezing fog and there is also some frost in Scotland.

“But as I mentioned for the next few days some heavy rain and windy conditions will affect most of us at some stage.”

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Drivers have been warned to be careful after several cars became stranded on the A27 because of flooding.

Ms Kirkwood added: “It’s low pressure that is bringing this, it came in from the southwest yesterday.

“And pushed northwards and eastwards, and over the next few days, it continues to drift northwards but edges a bit further Westwards as well.

“So, we are all going to see some rain at times before it eventually weekends by the time we get to Saturday.

“So here is the centre of that low pressure producing the rain.”

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MET Office: Rain warning enforced for SE of England

Ms Kirkwood said: “The rain is heavy at the moment across parts of eastern England into the northeast of England too.

“And pushing up into Scotland where it currently is as well.

“Some of this as I mentioned will be heavy, huge puddles on the roads for example so do take extra care.

“And we also have showers coming into the West.

Ms Kirkwood added: “Wherever you are you will notice a gusty wind but the strongest winds today will be through the English Channel the North Sea, and once again especially in Shetland.

“Now temperatures ranging from 9C to about 12 degrees, so more or less where we should be.

“But it will feel chilly if you’re exposed to the wind and also the rain.

“Now as we head on through the evening and overnight here is the centre of the low pressure, you can just make out the circle here.”

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