Met Office warns of potential power cuts and flooding in weather turnaround

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for four regions of the UK, advising that power cuts and flash flooding could be on the way.

The regions affected are mostly in the south west of England, and thunderstorms are set to hit the West Country, Wales, the south east and Herefordshire, between 10am and 10pm today (July 22).

Following the heatwave at the start of the week, where temperatures soared to highs of 40C, the extreme weather turnaround is expected to result in disruptions to public transport and road closures.

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The east and parts of the south east are less likely to be hit by storms, however heavy rain in these areas are expected.

Jim Dale, senior meteorologist at British Weather Services told the Daily Express: “The main rain for Friday will be in the English Channel – so East and West Sussex and South Kent are the main risk areas".

“London will be fractional unless they get a sporadic thunderstorm," adding, “the air is unstable in the south, so I can’t rule it [thunderstorms] out for a few but we may be chasing shadows for the many.”

The Met Office weather warning says: “While some areas will remain dry, slow moving, heavy thunderstorms are likely to develop from mid to late morning, likely peaking during the afternoon and early evening before decaying later.

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“Where thunderstorms do occur, 20-25 mm of rain is possible in less than an hour, and 40-50 mm could fall in two or three hours. Hail and frequent lightning are potential additional hazards.”

Rain is set to remain in the south west over the weekend, with the north due to experience on-and-off showers until early next week.

The Met Office forecast for London stated: “Dry with sunny spells Saturday and Sunday. Sunny spells and isolated showers Monday. Trending warmer again, perhaps hot on Sunday.”


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