Mia Khalifa bares all on sexual awakening that gave her personality

Ex-pornhub star Mia Khalifa has confessed that pop star Rihanna was behind her "sexual awakening" and how the singer made her who she is today.

Mia thanked the singer in front of her 26 million followers on Instagram as she unboxed a special edition of her Unapologetic album.

The former porn star first hit headlines after she wore a hijab in an adult video during her short stint in the industry back in 2014.

The controversial video sparked online abuse and even saw her receive death threats from terrorist organisation ISIS, which led to her decision to quit the industry.

She says Rihanna's album changed her "entire life" and helped her become sexually liberated. The album is best known for tapping into the pop-stars more vulnerable side.

Mia held the album in front of her followers on her Instagram story and said: "Unapologetic changed me life. It formed my personality – it gave me a personality.

"It was my spiritual awakening, my sexual awakening, my everything all-in-one.

"I am so excited to see the T-shirt that came with this, and the couple of lyric pages for four times the price it initially was – Rihanna, your hustle, there is nothing I respect or love more than that."

The video ended with Mia saying "oh my god I'm actually really nervous about this" as she began to open it.

Mia has most recently hit the news after confirming her relationship with Latin rapper Jhay Cortez following her surprise split with fiance Robert Sandberg.

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She often speaks about music on her social media and stole headlines back in November after she revealed that Taylor Swift's re-recorded version of 'All Too Well' had upset her.

Trying to hold back tears, the 28-year-old said: “Blondie has ruined my life with this 10 minute All Too Well.”

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