Mia Khalifa confesses to mind-blowing shower habit – but fans are divided

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    Mia Khalifa has revealed the item of clothing she wears at all times, including in the shower.

    The ex-Pornhub legend took to TikTok to share the strange confession with her 37m followers, posing in navy blue silk pyjamas decorated with cartoon mushrooms that showed off her chest and exposing a series of gold chains wrapped around her body.

    "When they say 'it must take you so long to take all that off before you shower,'" text written across the clip read.

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    As Mia panned the camera down to the gold jewellery, she could be seen mouthing: "You’re joking, you’re joking."

    "Baby we don't wear jewellery we cant swim in," she captioned the video, which has amassed more than 74k views so far.

    The strange confession had fans divided, with some asking where they could get such hardy accessories and others questioning why Mia kept her chains on even while washing.

    "I wanna know where you got those from," one wrote, while another chimed in: "Ok spill where you get your jewelry."

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    Meanwhile a more sceptical fan wrote, "my restless body could never, it would be broken".

    Another agreed: "I would worry too much about any jewelry falling off in the water," and a third critic added: "u're joking."

    Mia is always sure to look her best and recently made headlines for the stunning dress worn for her 30th birthday earlier this year.

    The stunning brunette posted several pictures and a video of her showing off the "magical" midnight-coloured dress which, much like her luxurious PJs, was adorned with mushroom and fairy designs as she appeared to be out celebrating with loved ones at a bar.

    Taking to Twitter, she captioned her post: "My bday dress (emoji) I assure you it feels just as magical as it looks, Clio had bills due when she designed this one!!"

    The deep blue dress, with a short slit on noe side, was covered in what appeared to be sequins and jewels.

    In an eight-second clip posted along with the pictures, Mia could be seen struggling to open a bottle of fizz before suggesting she could use her high heel.

    Then standing up to see her dress in full view, a friend in the background could be heard saying: "Oh the dress though," as Mia jokingly posed before letting out a giggle.

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