Mia Khalifa dyes her unibrow as she tells her fans pink everything

Mia Khalifa has stunned fans after showing off her bold new look after dying her eyebrows bright pink.

Following her online journey, she vowed to fans around a year ago that she is attempting to grow a ‘unibrow’ and turn it into a ‘naked mole rat’. The Lebanese-American online adult star, aged 30, has been keeping eager fans involved in her life by giving regular eyebrow growth updates among her lifestyle content, where she shares bikini and saucy photos.

She took to her Instagram yesterday (September 30) to post photos and videos of the eyebrow dying as her infamous ‘unibrow’ was dyed bright pink.

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Sat in the salon chair, Mia can be seen looking delighted with bleach smothered on her eyebrows before the colour was added on. She winks at the camera, and jokingly comments “lmao not the eyebrow bleach”.

Later videos saw Mia instructing the artist to add more fullness to her eyebrows to enhance her future unibrow look.

Fans of the star were left waiting, before Mia posted the results by zooming into her eyebrows while in her car and smoking a matching pink cigarette.

Commenters took to her most recent photos to post their opinions.

“I love this woman, so incredibly sexy” one follower wrote.

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“You are my lifeline and dream girl” another said.

“You always look good Mia” said a long time fan.

Mia is sure to continue keeping fans updated as she took to her Instagram today to post herself out getting a healthy pink ice cream.

In her Instagram story she holds the tub to her face and jokingly says: “I painted my eyebrows just for the hibiscus pomegranate [bowl]”.

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