Mini tornado from English Channel sucks man from floor and throws him to death

A sudden gust of wind from ‘mini tornado’ lifted a kite surfer from the ground and slammed him against a restaurant window killing him instantly.

The incident happened on Saturday Night in Villers-sur-Mer along the Normandy coast in France.

Along with the death of the 31-year-old kite surfer, five others were hospitalised, and three others also sustained light injuries.

One person was also reported to be lost at sea but was later recovered.

According to the Daily Mail meteorologists did not forecast winds strong enough to form what the French media described as a ‘mini tornado’.

Footage captured yesterday evening shows strong winds collecting clouds of sand while chairs and tables were thrown.

It also showed beach attendants folding up towels and umbrellas.

Thierry Granturco, the mayor of Villers-sur-Mer, called the winds a 'violence as we have never known on our coast'.

The winds lasted 20-25 minutes on the Côte Fleurie (Flowery Coast) between Ouistreham and Deauville.

This unexpected weather phenomenon and not announced by Météo-France, the organisation which monitors weather events.

Speaking to Franceinfo, he said: “It blew more and more violently and it ended with a mini tornado.

“We had a communication with Météo France who had informed us that they had not been able to anticipate this kind of mini tornado.

“We knew we were going to have strong winds, they were announced at the very end of the evening, or even in the night, but we did not think that they would be of this violence.”

Earlier this year a huge tornado swept through parts of Germany and left 50 people injured with vicious winds ripping roofs off houses and smashing cars, according to local reports.

A 37-year-old woman was reportedly airlifted to hospital after she was badly hurt in the storm.

While in the USA a massive 'multi-vortex' tornado left one person dead and laid waste to homes across a city as residents were told to take urgent shelter back in March.

Shocking footage showed a large black tornado cloud looming over the night sky, while officials warned residents that "complete destruction" was "possible" in the area.

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