‘Miracle’ dog stuns paramedics who find him ‘unharmed’ after 70ft cliff fall

A dog stunned rescuers after plunging 70 feet off a cliff and leaving with a barely a scratch on him.

Brown Labrador Stout lived up to his name after he was found alive and "miraculously, mostly unharmed".

The pooch was walking with his owners near the Pennybacker Bridge overlook in Austin, Texas, when disaster struck.

As his incredible luck had it, paramedics were training with ropes nearby when heard their shouts for help last Thursday.

The Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services shared photos of the canine after they rescued him alive on Twitter.

It is thought Stout's fall was broken a few branches and bushes on his way down.

Paramedics called the rescue of the pet a “scary story with a happy, feel good ending", the New York Post reported.

Stout wound up being rescued by paramedic Bob Luddy, who happened to be nearby doing some rope training and heard shouts for help.

“After the owner identified where the dog had fallen from, Capt. Luddy rigged an anchor strap to a tree, attached a rappel line and safety line to the anchor, and rappelled down the cliff face,” the agency said.

Luddy didn’t think he’d find the dog alive, but at the bottom Stout was “miraculously, mostly unharmed,” according to the agency.

“He must have fallen about 70 feet, and hit a few branches and bushes on the way down,” Luddy said. “I was ecstatic to find him in such good condition.”

After a happy reunion with his owner, Stout got checked out by an emergency vet.

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