Mobilised Russian soldiers surrender to Ukrainian forces

Ukraine: Russian soldiers appear to 'surrender'

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Panicked Kremlin troops are reported to have turned themselves over to advancing Ukrainian forces as President Zelensky’s counter-offensive operation continues to make impressive progress into occupied territory. As Russian-controlled regions of Ukraine come under threat, freshly mobilised troops have surrendered to Ukrainian soldiers, demonstrating the reported low levels of morale among Moscow’s armed forces. The news comes after President Putin’s partial mobilisation decree outlined plans to enlist an additional 300,000 soldiers to continue the “special military operation” in Ukraine.

In the video footage, Ukrainian soldiers, made identifiable through the insignia on their military uniform, are seen patting down a man who had his hands held above his head in a clear sign of surrender.

Commentary in the clip identifies the man as a Russian soldier who is being searched by a member of the Ukrainian battalion.

In the distance, three additional Russian troops can be seen approaching along a dirt track towards the Ukrainian forces.

As the small group draws closer, no obvious weapons can be seen and each individual has their hands raised high in surrender.

The clip also films the nearby wreckage of a destroyed Russian MT-LB, a Soviet model of tracked armoured fighting vehicle.

This adds to reports that Moscow’s forces are struggling to source military equipment and vehicles as the invasion of Ukraine has dragged on far longer than the Kremlin anticipated.

By comparison, the Ukrainian soldiers in the video appear to be well-equipped with both modern uniforms and weapons, with several portable rocket launcher systems laid out on the ground nearby one of the men.

As the surrendering Russian’s approach, the Ukrainian soldiers also remain vigilant for any approaching threats, demonstrating their proficient combat training.

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The UK Ministry of Defence has suggested the Russian forces have been suffering from intensely low morale for some months now, largely sparked by “severe shortages of munitions and manpower,” in addition to disputes over military pay.

The Russian equipment crisis has worsened after the Ukrainian counter-offensive advanced, forcing Moscow’s troops to flee territories that had been occupied since the early weeks of the war.

As Kremlin soldiers rushed to leave, the military abandoned huge stockpiles of weapons and vehicles as well as selected food rations and medical supplies. Kyiv’s own troops have since seized the supplies from newly-liberated regions to bolster their own military strength.

An intelligence report from the UK Ministry of Defence claimed: “Over half of Ukraine’s currently fielding tank fleet potentially consists of captured vehicles.”

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President Zelensky has promised Russian soldiers that they will be protected if they voluntarily choose to surrender to Ukrainian forces.

In a national address, the Ukrainian leader said: “You will be treated in a civilised manner, in accordance with all conventions.”

He added: “If you are afraid to return to Russia and do not want an exchange, we will find a way to ensure this as well.”

In addition, Kyiv has launched an ‘I want to live’ phone hotline, which is manned 24 hours a day and intended to enable Russian servicemen to surrender to Ukrainian authorities.

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