Model’s home was ‘ransacked’ by stalkers who went through her underwear

A terrified model claims her house was “ransacked” by thieves who rummaged through her underwear drawer.

Gracey Kay, 32, left Leeds for Alicante, Spain, with her partner and two young children last summer but are now desperate to move again after an alleged burglary.

The mum returned to her Spanish family home on Tuesday to find her front door forced wide open with a crowbar and her laptop and jewellery missing.

What confused Gracey most is why the thieves left her wad of cash which was left beside her stolen goods.

Gracey, who makes racy content on OnlyFans said: “I’m so scared that I’m being watched and they will do it again.

“As soon as I saw the door open I knew something was wrong because I knew I had shut the door.

“I had been gone from the house for about an hour and a half and when I walked in something didn’t seem right.

“Then I noticed everything was taken out of all my drawers – everything had been pulled out.

“I thought someone had come in my house and looked through my stuff, but then I realised the door was damaged.

“A crow bar had been taken to the door and the door had been forced open – so I realised I had been robbed.”

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Gracey called the police while she searched her home, who assured her they would file a report.

Horrified, she looked in each room and found the house turned upside down, with clothes taken out of the drawers and strewn across the floor.

She said: “I ran around looking and found every cupboard and drawer had been pulled out, and every little box had been opened.

“The state they had left the house in – they ransacked it.”

Gracey discovered her laptop had been taken, as well as jewellery and watches – totalling £500.

She was also devastated to find sentimental items were gone, including jewellery that her late mother gave her.

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The thieves reportedly even went through Gracey's underwear drawer – something she found “upsetting” to see.

But there was one strange aspect to the robbery: the thieves had left a wad of cash, which the model says was visible next to her laptop.

Gracey said: “They had time to look in every drawer and every box, and they even went into boxes that had nothing in them.

“I felt like they were looking for something in particular.

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“I thought it was weird they didn’t take the money that was next to the laptop – it was really strange to see money left on the side.

“They didn’t take the money but they went through every tin in the house.

“I just don’t understand what they were looking for.”

Gracey has been left baffled by the terrifying event but believes someone was watching her for up to two weeks before the incident.

Gracey and her family have since moved to an Airbnb while they look for a new home.

She is now adamant about finding a place with better security – location undisclosed for privacy – and is currently looking at a £900,000 seven-bed property with a security guard room.

Gracey added: “It’s absolutely insane and something to look forward to – it will have crazy security.

“I don’t want this to ever happen again and want to feel safe in my home.

“I want to come home and not have to think that when I leave the house someone is watching and they’re going to rob my house.”

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