Moment angry maritime worker refuses to fuel Russian ship and says f*** Putin

A video shows a furious man yelling down a radio that Russian soldiers are "killing Ukrainian women, Ukrainian kids" after allegedly refusing to refuel a Russian cargo ship.

The footage was said to be filmed in Spain and comes after reports last week (April 1) that ship fuel suppliers have stopped serving Russian vessels in the Mediterranean in light of the Russia-Ukraine war.

Five knowledgeable industry sources told Reuters that fuel sellers in Spain and Malta would no longer serve ships flying the Russian flag.

The move is partly due to sanctions against Russia making it difficult to pay for marine fuel, which is sold in US dollars.

In the clip, which appears to be filmed by the man speaking on a boat's radio, he says in English: "F***ing Russians killing Ukrainian women, Ukrainian kids. F*** Russia, f*** Putin."

After finishing his tirade, the man disconnects the radio by flicking a button on the control panel and the clip ends.

It wasn't clear what nationality the speaker is, but many guessed from the accent he was Czech or Polish.

The video was up-voted more than 22,000 times after being shared on Reddit by u/battletoasta and many people agreed with the sentiment.

One user commented: "I don't know this guy, but I already like him."

A second person said: "Tasting their own medicine… they try to make everyone short-stock gas and oil and now are not getting any themselves."

"Very eloquently put," said a third.

Another viewer wrote: "That works. Maybe the boat has some oars and they can paddle to shore, then walk home."

Someone else told viewers: "As a Spanish, you should know that ship is not Spanish and neither is that person lol. It just happened near Spain."

Refueling of cargo vessels is known as "bunkering" and usually involves a barge carrying oil to move alongside a ship and then exchange the fuel.

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