Moment stowaway found alive in landing gear after enduring flight from Guatemala

A video shows the moment a man was found apparently alive and well after being a stowaway in the landing gear of a plane traveling from Guatemala to Miami.

In the clip, said to be recorded by an anonymous airport worker, the man looks exhausted and is helped to the floor and given water by staff.

He allegedly risked his life clinging to the wheel of an American Airlines plane for two hours and 30 minutes from Guatemala City to Miami International Airport in Florida on Saturday (November 27).

The airline said in a statement: "American Airlines flight 1182 with service from Guatemala (GUA) to Miami (MIA) arriving at 10.06 am local time was met by law enforcement due to a security issue.

"We are working with law enforcement in their investigation."

It did not elaborate on the nature of the security issue.

The footage was shared on Instagram by Miami local social news site Only in Dade who wrote in the caption: "This man arrived to MIA in the landing gear of plane from a Guatemala flight.

"The flight was about two hours and thirty minutes and a witness says he was unharmed."

A maintenance worker is said to have sent the footage to Only in Dade but did not want to be identified, in fear of losing his job.

"We received this video and spoke to the person that took it, he was very scared and it is unbelievable that someone would survive this," Dan Vasquez from Only in Dade told USA Today.

He added: "Can you imagine that kind of wind pressure?"

The video has been watched nearly half a million times on Instagram, with people amazed the stowaway survived as the majority of people hiding in landing gear are killed from exposure, falling, or lack of oxygen.

One user wrote: "Well, that’s some serious luck."

A second user commented: "Imagine the state of mind where smuggling yourself into a country in the wheel well of a plane is your best hope."

Someone else commented: "He gets an A for effort. Now just let him stay. He’s been through enough."

A third viewer wrote: "Surprised he didn’t freeze to death."

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