More snow expected in the new year after tropical plume heats up Britain

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More snow expected days into January after 'tropical' plume heats up Britain on New Year's Eve.

December's weather has been rather unsettled with storms and freezing temperature mixed with unusually mild temperatures for this time of year.

Up to 25 more days of cold weather disruption were forecasted by The Weather Company as more snow and ice chaos is expected this winter – with -12C freezes in January after a balmy New Year's Eve.

The mercury is expected to rise towards in the coming days leading to possibly the hottest New Year's Eve on record before more snow could be on the way in January.

The Met Office announced that it was a "white Christmas" this year, despite there only being snow in certain areas across Britain on December 25.

However, by the looks of forecasts the snowy weather could return early in the new year.

Exacta Weather forecaster James Madden told The Mirror: "Further snow events are likely particularly during the first half of January."

Maps from WXCharts show temperature next week close to freezing for England and Wales while Scotland Highlands face a dramatical drop to -3 degrees.

Before the winter weather returns, New Years Day is set to be cloudy, temperatures are predicted to stay high at 15 degrees which would beat the previous record temperature for December 31.

Met Office Meteorologist Greg Dewhurst said: "The record is 14.8C on New Year's Eve and that was in 2011, temperatures look like they'll be 14 to 15C so it is possible that temperatures could be that value.

"The average temperature in the UK around this time of year should be around 7-8C.

"Going forward, we're looking at highs of around 12-14C, possibly locally 15C in one or two spots, so it's going to be well above average."

Mr Dewhurst warns Britons that: "It isn't going to be blue skies all week."

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