Moscow removing passports of Mariupol locals before deporting them violently to Russia

Ukraine: Mariupol locals 'being deported violently' says Berg

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Russian soldiers have been loading up Mariupol residents into trains to force them into Russia, reports have emerged. Diana Berg, who recently escaped the southeastern port city, said friends and acquaintances have claimed people living in the Russia-controlled part of the city have been “deported violently” across the border. Speaking to Good Morning Britain, Ms Berg said: “From the eastern and northern districts of Mariupol, where Russia has taken part of the city, indeed, people are being deported.

“What I know is they bring people to Taganrog. There they have these trains provided to go to Tula and I don’t know what happens next.

“I know they’re being deported violently and they take passports.

“I really don’t know what happens next and how to save those people who are now hostages not only in Mariupol.

“We now got hostages in Russia and in the DPR territory as well.”


Additional reports have claimed some of the residents have been forced to sign documents agreeing to be moved to labour camps or to be redirected to remote Russian cities.

Mariupol’s mayor assistant Pyotr Andryuschenko on Sunday claimed up to 4,500 residents had been “forcibly” moved to the Russian city of Taganrog.

According to the New York Times, “although [Andryuschenko] did not have proof that they might be used for forced labor, he said that with nowhere to live and no resources to rely on, they would be at the mercy of the people who had taken them across the border.”

Mariupol Mayor Vadym Boichenko issued a statement over the weekend likening the alleged conduct of Russia’s army to the forcible removal of Jews to concentration camps during World War II.

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Mr Boichenko said: “What the occupiers are doing today is familiar to the older generation, who saw the horrific events of World War II, when the Nazis forcibly captured people.

“It is hard to imagine that in the 21st-century people can be forcibly taken to another country.”

Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk said a deal has been reached on creating eight humanitarian corridors to evacuate civilians from besieged towns and cities on Monday but the city of Mariupol is not among them.

Ms Vereshchuk said efforts to reach Mariupol with humanitarian supplies continued to fail.


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