Mother, daughter from Greenwood, B.C., eyeing property after $675,000 lottery win

A mother and daughter from a tiny community in B.C.’s Southern Interior have bigger bank accounts now, thanks to a lucky scratch-and-win ticket.

On Wednesday, the B.C. Lottery Corporation announced that Myrna Bowen and daughter Savannah Walker of Greenwood were $675,000 richer after purchasing what would be a life-changing Set for Life ticket.

Located a half-hour west of Grand Forks, Greenwood has a population of 665.

Walker purchased the winning scratch ticket at the Canco gas station, then used an online app to check it.

“We started to cry and hug on the patio,” Bowen said after Walker scanned the ticket. The $675,000 was the game’s top prize, and the two used B.C. Lottery’s alternate prize payout.

According to B.C. Lottery, the two are originally from Stewart, B.C., located near infamous Hyder, Alaska.

Walker said she’d also like to purchase a new vehicle.

“We’re just happy,” Walker said, with Bowen adding, “We always dreamed that one day we would win.”

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