Mum horrified as ‘demonic’ spider crawls out of sofa as she watches TV with kids

A mum has been left horrified after a "demonic" spider with pincers crawled out of the sofa as she watched TV with her kids.

Joanne Baker, 34, was terrified as the huge creepy-crawly ran across her sofa in the family home in St Neots, Cambridgeshire.

She had been watching Harry Potter with her five kids when she noticed the gigantic spider that left her and the young children panicking.

To make matters worse, the family had been watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, which features Aragog massive human-killing spider.

"It's the scariest one I've ever seen," recalled Joanne, who said it sized about 1.5 inches but had "massive pincers".

In a pictures shared by Joanne, the spider resembles a crab with pincers and reddish in colour.

She said it was a "big hysterical mess" when her four daughters and son, aged between 9 months to 13 years old, spotted the eight-legged critter, reports Cambridgeshire Live.

"I've got five screaming children. It was horrible and traumatic," said Joanne, who lives in Duck Lane.

She is now considering selling off the sofa where the spider emerged from, despite only having bought it on Facebook a few days ago.

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"We're worried about there being eggs in it, I've still got the jitters about it," she explained.

Joanne got rid of the spider by putting a glass over it before putting it outside – let's hope it doesn't come back!

In a separate incident, last month two separate shoppers were horrified to discover a huge spider and its eggs in their Tesco bananas — and one expert says it's "highly likely" to be the world's most venomous species.

Geoff Greenwood and Keeley Ballard, from Worcester, both did a shop at their local supermarket in Kidderminster, and both bought a plastic-wrapped bunch of bananas.

When the time came to unload the shopping, Mr Greenwood got a horrible surprise – a big black spider curled up in the banana packaging.

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