Mum of Down’s syndrome boy in tears after one person comes to his birthday party

A heartbroken mum of a boy with Down’s syndrome has shared a tearful video after just one person showed up to his birthday party.

The woman had organised a drive-by birthday surprise for her five-year-old son.

But, in an emotional TikTok video, she explained just one of his friends came.

With tears streaming down her face, the mum says: “This weekend we had a drive-by party for my son who turned five.

“Do you want to know how many people came? One. Normally this would be bad for any kids, but my son has Down’s syndrome.

“My son has Down's syndrome and when he didn't realise what was going on that hurt. But what happens when he knows?”

“What happens when he knows that he's being purposely left out? Why?”

It is not clear where the video was filmed, but the woman speaks with a US accent, as reported by the Daily Record.

She shared the video to her TikTok, @nosilla865, where she wrote it was the “worst day” and her heart was “broken”.

In just three days, the heart-wrenching footage has been seen more than 7 million times.

Her comments section was flooded by viewers wishing a well-deserved happy birthday to her son.

“Tell him I said happy birthday and I would’ve been there if I was invited and we would’ve had the time of our lives,” one person said.

TikTok sensation Laura Clery suggested having a “TikTok live birthday” for him.

Other devastated viewers offered to send birthday cards to their address.

While someone else said: “I am so sorry. I can not believe this happened. Please we are here, it will be okay love.”

Following the huge interest in the video, the woman shared another video thanking everyone for their kind words.

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