Murdered crime kingpin threw ‘bags of heroin’ from truck as he tried to escape

Details are beginning to emerge of the last moments of notorious drug dealer Alberto “Alpo” Martinez, who was shot dead on Sunday.

Despite being shot five times, the drug kingpin managed to throw several bags of drugs out of his truck’s window as he tried to get away from the scene in Harlem reports the New York Post.

A New York police source said about a dozen bags were found strewn along the street after Martinez was shot in his Dodge Ram. The source said it seemed as though he was “throwing them out the window” because he knew the cops would be on their way.

The drugs in the bags appeared to be heroin, according to someone familiar with a video of the crime scene.

Martinez had been in a federal witness protection program. It wasn’t immediately clear if he had been released from witness protection or if he was just visiting his old haunt, but the source said his ID – which identified him as being Abraham Rodriguez, of Lewiston, Maine – appeared to be from that program.

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Martinez had started his life of drug-dealing in the 1980s, eventually running an empire that ranged from New York to Washington, DC.

He was nicked in 1991 and confessed to 14 murders before flipping and becoming a government witness. He was released in 2015.

One of his most notorious killings was that of Richard Porter, a childhood friend. Martinez admitted to killing him in 1990 because he thought Porter was stealing drug profits.

He told FEDS magazine, quoted by the New York Times, in 1999: “Rich lied to me about something there was no reason to lie about. I gave him the opportunity to tell me the truth not once, but twice.”

After one of his men shot Porter twice, “he didn’t die, so I shot him in the head”, added Martinez.

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