My baby you came back! Mum embraces son in tearful reunion after abduction 24 years ago

EU warned by expert over potential future 'argument' with China

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A Chinese man was at the centre of an emotional reunion with his parents after being abducted by human traffickers as a child. Guo Xinzhen’s father spent the last 24 years looking for his missing son in a dangerous trip where he broke bones and was confronted by robbers.

Guo Gangtang travelled across the country on a motorbike in a desperate bid to find his son, who was kidnapped aged only two.

Mr Xinzhen vanished in 1997 in front of the family’s home in Shandong.

Mr Gangtang, 51, travelled 310,000 miles around China following tip-offs on a mission that cost him his life savings.

He carried a banner featuring his son’s picture with him in case the information could lead him to where he was.

The police were able to find Mr Xinzhen’s identity thanks to DNA tests, China’s Ministry of Public Security said.

According to Global Times, two suspects were later identified and detained.

China News reported that the two suspects had been dating at the time of the disappearance.

According to the report, the couple intended to abduct a child and then sell them.

The woman reportedly saw Mr Xinzhen playing alone and took him to the bus station, where her partner was waiting for them.

They then allegedly boarded a coach to Henan province and sold the young child.

According to Chinese state media CCTV, Guo Xinzhen’s parents were crying as they hugged their son when they met again in Liaocheng, Shandong, on Sunday.

In footage of the heartwarming moment, the mother said: “My baby, you came back!”

The father told reporters: “Now that the child has been found, everything can only be happy from now on.”

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