Mystery as burning meteorite crashes into major Russian city

On the eve of their beloved Cosmonauts Day, Russian citizens were left spooked after witnessing a seemingly-supernatural event, footage has shown, as a mysterious “meteorite” fell from the sky before horrifying “fire circles” appeared near the crash site. The peculiar incident occurred 50 miles east of the major Russian city of Yekaterinburg in the central-western Sverdlovsk region on Tuesday night.

One video shows a resident driving through the town of Bogdanovich when the “meteorite” appears behind the cityscape, plummeting towards the ground.

According to the footage, which was caught by the car camera, the object fell at 7.03pm Moscow time (4.03pm BST), and a loud blast was heard after it fell.

Another video taken by a young woman captures the mystery object descending against the direction of celebratory fireworks, presumed to be in preparation for Wednesday’s Cosmonauts Day, which celebrates the anniversary of the first orbit of the earth, completed by Russian Yuri Gagarin in 1961.

In further chaos, footage subsequently emerged on social media of “rings of fire” around the town.

In ominous images, multiple fires can be seen across a plane of grass in the town of Bogdanovich.

It is unclear exactly what caused the fire but commentators on social media have speculated that the two incidents are related.

In the footage of the fires, two large circles can be seen burning the grass as plumes of smoke rise from the site.

Incidences of fires across Russia, particularly towards the western regions closer to Ukraine, appear to have increased in the last months.

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