Nazi-loving police chief gets £1m to resign for putting Nazi symbol on door

A US police chief who slapped Nazi insignia on his officer door and make Holocaust jokes has been given £1 million to resign.

Assistant Police Chief Derek Kammerzell, from Kent in Washington, was slammed by bosses after it emerged that he put a symbol of oak leaves and diamonds on his door.

The little-known symbol is associated with the Obergruppenfuhrer – a high-ranking SS officer who would have been under the direct power of Nazi despot Adolf Hitler.

And it is also claimed that he joked his grandfather died in the Holocaust because he was “drunk and fell from a watch tower”, implying that he was related to a Nazi officer.

He was placed on administrative leave and asked to resign, but refused until a “substantial sum” was agreed.

He originally demanded around £2.8 million, but it was dropped down to around £1 million after negotiations.

A spokesman for City of Kent said: “We strongly believe that settling this matter will be a substantial step towards meeting our commitment to the Jewish community.”

Rafael Padilla, Kent’s chief of police said: “It’s been devastating to our department.”

He added: “It was clear that the Assistant Chief would have significant difficulty being an effective leader in the Department.”

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In a statement released on Friday, the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle called the settlement “disturbing”.

However, according to the Washington Post, the City of Kent said that under federal and state law, it had been “unable to terminate Chief Kammerzell after his suspension” because of “double jeopardy principles,”, which is a clause in the Fifth Amendment stopping someone from being punished for something twice.

It was felt that the suspension was counted as the first punishment, not a “holding punishment”.

The City spokesman added: “An arbitrator was confident he would have been returned to work.”

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