New Minions film banned in Lebanon because of evil nuns and homosexuality

The new hit Minions film, The Rise of Gru, has been banned in one Middle Eastern country for the oddest of reasons.

The film, which has been receiving rave reviews – including Vice calling it a “true cinematic masterpiece – will not be shown in cinemas in Lebanon .

Leaders in the country have decided to ban the film based on the lives of the little yellow tic-tac shaped creatures due to homosexuality, and because one character is portrayed as an evil nun.

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Issues over LGBTQ rights remain in the country, and Article 534 of the country's laws state that “sexual acts contrary to the order of nature are banned, and will be met with a prison sentence of up to one year".

Without it being stated that this is an outright ban on homosexuality, activists in the country see it as such, local media is reporting.

The offending clip in the film is just a few seconds long, and shows two young male characters embracing, while two of the famous minion creatures – which are genderless – have a “romantic stare”.

And, as around 32% of the Lebanese public are Christian, it is thought that the nun character could “offend” them, too.

The news of the ban was ridiculed on social media.

One user on Twitter, known as Rawad, wrote: “The movie is screening normally in all other countries in the region and no country around the world has banned it.

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“A new low for Lebanon.”

While another wrote: “It is not about the kiss – there is an evil nun in the movie.

“Lebanon is an authoritarian state of terrorism and dictatorship.”

No other country has banned the film, and it even sparked a new trend in neighbouring Israel where teenagers were being chucked out of screenings for dressing in suits, jumping in front of the scene and singing the country's national anthem while the film played behind them.

It was part of a new viral trend called “Gentleminions”, supposedly done in praise of the cult favourite film – but has angered other cinema goers, according to local reports.

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