Nick Kyrgios leaves Aussie presenter in stitches with dig at ‘salty’ rival Michael Venus

Australian Open: Nick Kyrgios reacts to Bourchier win

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On Tuesday, the Australian Open doubles Kyrgios with Thanasi Kokkinakis appeared on breakfast TV on Tuesday to talk about their triumph during the competition. During the interview on Australia’s Today programme, presenter Karl Stefanovic was left in stitches during his exchange with Kygrios.

The presenter said: “The other one who we tried to kick out of the country is Michael Venus, who had a couple of words to say about my man Nick,” before adding the New Zealander “won’t be allowed in the country again for a long time”.

To which Kyrgios responded: “I don’t even think any sort of comments to come out of Michael Venus’ mouth are really relevant to be honest.

“He was firstly dressed in something I would wear to a Halloween party and I feel like that’s the energy that we wanted.”

Stefanovic burst out in laughter at the “Halloween party” remark, falling sideways onto the couch in the Nine studios.

Fighting back his own laughter, Kyrgios continued: “You know … the fact [is] that me and Thanasi have now made Michael Venus’ comments relevant and I think that’s great.

“Thanasi, help me out here bro, what do you reckon?”

Kokkinakis said he was “p***ing himself” listening to the exchange as he did his TV cross from a different location to Kyrgios.

He said: “I felt like we had a target on our back from the start and especially since we beat the No. 1 seeds.

“It was pretty well documented their fitness trainer tried to square up with Nick in the gym and then Venus after that.

“I think it was blown a bit out of proportion, we were just trying to hype up the crowd and have some fun.

“Everyone that comments about it now just looks bitter I reckon, don’t they.”

Kyrgios continued taking a dig at Venus and said: “What I don’t understand is, that was like the best atmosphere Michael Venus will ever play in.

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“He’ll tell his kids — well, he has a kid — he’ll tell his kids about it. I don’t know why he’s trying to be salty. That is the best stage he’ll ever play on.”

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