Nigel Farage calls for big economic blockade on China

China: Farage suggests ‘big economic blockade’

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The former Brexit Party leader has slammed Western leaders for allowing economic dependencies on China to grow stronger in recent decades. Mr Farage called for an “economic blockade” around China in order to ween western consumers off Chinese-made goods and prevent Xi Jinping from attempting to annex Taiwan.

Mr Farage told Sky News Australia: “We’ve been happy to outsource so much of this and so we’ve now finished up through our own strategic stupidity, actually becoming quite dependent on many things that are made in China.

“At some point in time, the only way we stop China from continuing human rights abuses and possibly invading Taiwan is a very big economic blockade.

“But we have to understand as with Ukraine, when we put sanctions on, it’s going to hurt us too.

“So we need perhaps all of us to start thinking about an industrial strategy where we become a little bit less dependent on what imports from China.

Discussing the anti-lockdown protests that have erupted in China, Mr Farage suggested the demonstrations must be widespread given Beijing’s reaction. 

Mr Farage said: “As for the protests, well, look, I’m very surprised because any attempt to protest in Hong Kong tends to be pretty brutally put down.

“This must be on a much bigger scale across China, and perhaps even we understand, otherwise, they would have cracked down in my view, so something quite big is going on.

“But as ever with China, it’s tough to get a big picture”

China: ‘Xi can’t win’ with Covid policy says Quentin Letts

Political commentator Quentin Letts believes that Xi has backed himself into a corner of China’s “zero Covid” policy. 

Mr Letts told Good Morning Britain: “There’s a very good piece in The Telegraph today, by Sherelle Jacobs saying that this zero-tolerance Covid approach by China has become China’s version of the Ukraine war.

“They’re not going to win this thing and President Xi has got himself into a terrible corner.

“And it’s very difficult to see how his authority is improved

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He added “But the ultimate sort of political reality of this political physics is that freedom will out and the Chinese authorities are fighting a losing battle.”

In China, some anti-virus restrictions were eased Monday in a possible effort to defuse public anger following the weekend protests in at least eight cities.

But the ruling Communist Party shows no signs of dropping its “zero Covid” strategy, which has confined millions of people to their homes in an attempt to isolate every infection.

Authorities have ordered mass testing and imposed other controls in areas across China following a spike in infections.

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