No 10s alleged Christmas party-goers rat-a**** after Secret Santa and dancing

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New details have emerged about the Christmas party that might have happened at Downing Street while the rest of London was suffering Covid restrictions.

The controversial gathering allegedly took place on December 18, 2020.

According to new details divulged by a source to The Times, it began shortly after 6pm, involved a few speeches, a cheese board and a lot of alcohol.

There was also supposedly a traditional Secret Santa, with the alleged party being all wrapped up by 2am.

However, the insider also claims that several of the attendees were “rat-a****”.

Despite the Prime Minister's constant denial of knowledge about the gathering, the party is said to have took place just a few doors down from where he was working – the same room where he was planning to cancel Christmas for millions around the country.

The party was also at a time when Covid restrictions meant that indoor mixing was banned, unless you were working in an office.

Another source has told The Times of six other incidents, and a drinking culture on a Friday afternoon.

They said: “Once a week we’d open a bottle of wine while working at their (our) desks in the evening.

“People were under immense pressure, everyone had lateral flow tests daily.

“It was a way of letting off steam.”

Earlier this week, one of the PM's closest aides, Allegra Stratton, was forced to resign after video footage was obtained by ITV News, taking inside the £2.6 million media centre just a few days after the party had allegedly taken place.

In it, Ms Stratton joked about the party, and was unable to come up with a line to deny it, when asked about it by Ed Oldfield – a junior adviser to the PM.

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Despite Downing Street's insistence that the party never took place, Ms Stratton gave a tearful televised apology yesterday while resigning.

The PM paid tribute to her at a Covid press conference last night, but earlier at Prime Minister's Questions, he announced that an internal investigation into “events” from that day would be taking place.

However, controversial former special advisor Dominic Cummings – the one who drove to Barnard Castle during lockdown – claimed that more parties took place on the premises, including one in celebration of his sacking in the PM's own flat on November 13.

This was also denied by the PM and will not be investigated, either.

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