OAP who can speak dog trains pooch to write book and insists Im not mad

A lady who says she can “speak dog” has claimed her pooch is the first in North Wales to pen a book.

Sam – a three-year-old Chihuahua and Jack Russell cross – put paw to paper with the help of his owner, 80-year-old Sylvia Evans.

According to the OAP, her pet "said he wanted to write a book" – and she was more than happy to help.

Although she insists she’s “not completely mad”, she claims she has understood dogs her whole life.

The woman, who lives with Sam in Wales, told North Wales Online: "When I tell people that Sam has written a book, they look at me sideways.

"If I heard this, I would laugh too, but it's true- he's written the book.

"I've had dogs for my whole life and wouldn't be without one. I think all dog owners can understand their pet."

Mrs Evans said Sam "dictated the book in dog" and then she translated it into English for others to enjoy.

A keen artist, Mrs Evans has also illustrated the book and designed the front cover, upon Sam's request.

The pair have been inseparable since Mrs Evans' husband Bill passed away in August 2020.

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Mrs Evans said: "Sam was my little lifeline when my husband died.

"It's been like therapy for me to write it all down and it gave me something to do.

"Both me and Sam thoroughly enjoyed it and hopefully it will make others happy too."

The rescue pup was adopted in February 2020 from North Clwyd Animal Rescue (NCAR) in Trelogan, the largest animal welfare charity in the North West.

Mrs Evans said she was keen to do something for the animal shelter, which rescues animals from across North Wales.

Sam's Tale: The story of a rescue dog is on sale now, with £1 from each sale donated to the charity.

You can find details of how to buy Sam's book here.

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