Outcry as ‘lovely and kind girl’ bottles innocent man’s face as he waits for bus

A pair of young women smashed a glass bottle in an innocent man's face during a shocking attack in Dublin that was caught on video.

Disgusting footage shows the pair attack the victim as he waits for a bus on Aungier Street in the city centre, Dublin Live reports.

The clip shows the pair kick and hit a man who fights back before he is bottled in the head and then glassed in the face in the incident that allegedly happened on Tuesday, September 8.

The video begins with one of the girls aiming a kick at his groin as he stands under the bus shelter before he retaliates and throws her to the ground in the middle of the street.

Her pal then swings her glass bottle at the man before throwing it at his head in a scuffle that ends with the violent thug falling, but still continuing to kick out at her target from the ground while screaming insults at him.

She suddenly smashes the glass right into his face, with the sound of glass shattering followed immediately by shocked groans from stunned onlookers.

In the original clip, which has been edited to protect the identity of the victim, a group of fellow commuters do their best to support the injured man as he tries to stem the blood pouring from his face.

A reader who sent the distressing footage to Dublin Live said they knew the girls involved, adding that they were a bad influence on each other.

They said one of the girls was a "lovely and kind person" who got in with the "wrong crowd".

"Even now if you meet her sober, she's still a decent person, but those two together are trouble, and once they're not sober, trouble just seems to find them – like in the video," they told the title.

Daily Star Online has contacted the Gardaí for a statement on the incident.

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