Owner of saddest Grand Designs house has permanent reminder of costly failure

The owner of a £10 million luxury Devon mansion once dubbed the saddest ever episode of Channel 4's Grand Designs can never move on from the nightmare of its construction due to a permanent reminder on Google Maps.

The extraordinary Chesil Cliff House has finally gone on the market after three years of development hell in which owner Edward Short, 52, went through the wringer.

When Edward broke ground on his ambitious project in October 2019 he was happily married to his wife Hazel and optimistic about the potential of the project.

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Little did the pair realise they were at the beginning of a process that would see their marriage fail and Edward be entombed in debt to the tune of £7 million.

Due to development hell, Edward's project sat empty on the cliffs of Croyde, Devon for years before it was finally completed.

And in traumatic Google Maps images, the titanic skeleton of the wind-battered mansion can still be seen as it was just a few years ago after millions of pounds had been sunk into its construction.

In bleak pictures taken from the road, the mansion looks more of a storm-wrecked eyesore than the beautiful house it is today.

Thankfully, Edward was finally able to complete the project and iron out a few of the recurring problems that had dogged its completion, including the heat-sensitive infinity pool tiles.

He has since spoken of the extreme burden the white elephant of a house placed on his personal life leaving him stressed over the "stain of failure" it could leave on his family.

He told The Sun: “Every pound that was being spent, the value was going up but at the same time, the chance of living in the house was going down.

"It was awful for the family because I pulled the stability rug from under them, without being able to give answers of how we were going to get out of it, other than that I had to carry on.

“I was so stressed about leaving that stain of failure on my wife and children that I was worrying a lot, I was losing sleep, but that effectively made me unable to function.

"So I turned that into the enemy in my mind — and I stopped. I blocked it out and focussed on clearing all the obstacles out of the way.

“It made me stronger and much more resilient.”

And now that the house has finally been put on the market for all to see it's clear Edward's labour of love has been worth it.

The house will return to Grand Designs in the autumn for an update episode, and it is now on the market for £10m.

It still, however, needs flooring in some rooms, a kitchen and bathrooms.


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