Pablo Escobar among witchcraft cartel chiefs tackled with police exorcisms

Colombia’s drug cartels use witchcraft and satanism to achieve their criminal goals, according to the country’s chief of police.

General Henry Sanabria claims that his officers use “exorcism and prayer” to combat the satanic tactics of Pablo Escobar and other cocaine barons.

"The existence of the devil is certain. I have seen him. I have felt him,” the top cop told Semana magazine.

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Sanabria said that using crucifixes and other religious icons had helped Colombian police several times in their fight against the country’s powerful drug lords, and his office is decorated with numerous crosses and statues of the Virgin Mary.

He explained: “The Blessed Virgin Mary is the mother of the Saviour. She was always with her son, Our Lord Jesus Christ.

“In fact,” he added, “the blood type of Our Lord is AB+, which is the same as that of the Blessed Mother, the holy one, the one who listens to all of us and, through her, we reach Our Lord. She is the patron saint of the Colombian Armed Forces.

Sanabria recalled one notable incident where he had defused a potentially deadly riot with just a crucifix.

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A small group of unarmed police officers had surrounded by hundreds of violent protesters, he said.

Sanabria said that as soon as he arrived at the scene, he pulled out a crucifix: “[The rioters] picked up everything and left," he said. "The policemen looked at me. They didn't dare ask me what had happened."

In another case, he claimed, one of his officers had been able to kill a particularly dangerous criminal by "praying while shooting."

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Sanabria’s claims have sparked controversy in Colombia, but the country’s President Gustavo Petro has said that Sanabria’s religious beliefs don’t prevent him from doing his job:.

“We know the beliefs of the general," he said, "but we try to make sure that these beliefs do not affect the rules, it is as simple as that," he said. "I think he has respected them, as far as we know."

Sanabria’s hardcore religious beliefs have made headlines before: just before Halloween last year he denounced the festival as a "satanic" holiday and he has regularly spoken out against abortion and all forms of birth control.


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